Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul gets it right again?

Paul the octopus is running a perfect record on the prediction by far! 8 on a roll?
On this coming 2010 WC Final, Paul picks SPAIN as winner of WC2010. I hope it's right as I support Spain too!!!
On the field, Xavi & Co'll control the midfield as hard to see anything but Spain be the boss of the "lease defensive" dutch(Only Van.Bommel as defensive Mid). Dutch'll be suffer much & have to be make their GK potentially man of the match!
If Dutch get an early goal, It gonna be a freekick or a set piece (Header from Kuyt?), At 90 min. a draw & score like1-1 is I predict. Till Penalty we apart.
If Spain get an early goal. It gonna be a BIG win for Spain! 4-1? How to stop Villa? Alonso? Xavi? Even Puyol can score on the German!!!
Sorry Dutch, Barca & Co just out-play you all later!
Viva Espana....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jinx the name of Insurance Agent

No offend if you are Insurance Agent, it was the thinking most of the people out there on you. (I Guess)
Need no PhD to study on this. Are you telling me that the "Product" I pay while you have the 35% comm. + Bonuses + Your annual overseas travel is damn Fxxking great for me?
First, the "Saving Plan" is totally a joke!
Exp: Monthly 500 for 10 yrs, then no need to service "the plan" anymore (Yearly 6k, 10 yrs 60k). Let's say you are 30 yrs old now......You wish to get the money for retirement at 60 yrs old. Probably you can get 250k cash(Estimation la bro). Worth it?
Or you can do this. Do the saving thing for 3 yrs, 18k, 10% downpayment to buy a 180k ppty. Rent it out then, if the ppty in KL, you can get around 900-1100 p.m. Minus the main. fees, Cukai Pintu, Sinking fund....etc, says nett is 650 (Estimate saja) I think you just pay another 100+ p.m only for the 30 yrs, The ppty is yours then. Don't tell me the ppty is worth less then 250k? No way! If yes match @ 250k, appreciation of 38% is acceptable (If you buy from developer + appreciation of raw material)
The case in here is......I pay 100+ mthly compare to 500 p.m previously with Insurance? Where the Money channel to? Comm. to agent, Advertisement.......etc
My personal view, "Saving Plan" still have lot of room to improve, yet Medical card is a MUST (In M'sia, gov hospital is so.....) as medi. fees nowdays is gonna cost you a bomb!
Nothing personal, it's just freedom to express.........Sorry if any hard feeling. Cheers.......

Bubble of pain

The prices of Bolehland properties are getting higher & higher on this recent 3yrs as the Property Gain Tax is waive off on year 2008-09. Before this, you have to pay heavy tax(up to 30%!!!) on property's gain if you sell your ppty within 5yrs!!!
Currently is 5% tax of your nett gain if selling is done within 5 yrs.
Why our ppty is on high price? Demand> Supply? Historical low Interest rate? Too many spare cash till no where to park? Easy Ownership?
First, I think The Demand Supply's law is not gonna apply here, Easy Ownership is the key factor for most developer to sell off their "product" like hot cake! 5/95 by "XB Cetia"*Pay only 5 % Downpayment + LOW Interest Rate.........etc
My view? LOW FD Rate, LOW Interest Rate are the man behind all this! The true is : No where (better place) to park money, so buy ppty la......Put in the bank for FD? 2.5%? Share Market? KLCI is a joke man......STI? SSEC? SD& RMB are getting stronger on currency....DOW? Kidding me?
Appreciation of ppty is good on recent 5 yrs! Buy an under-construction ppty can be appreciated around 20-40% after CF * Depend on area & ppty type too of course.
Yeah, Many people out there can't afford to buy a landed ppty("Non- Apartment") as the price jump of ppty is FAR MORE faster then your salary!!!
Bubble? Hell yes!!! With pain...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Examination # Q2 List 2 Advantages of Rm50 Credit Card tax.

(This is subjective question & full mark is 10, suggest 5 min for this question)

=> Credit card is just a "method" of payment. Why tax? 1* If bank have the withdrawal limit for protection purpose, why "hijack" CC as one of the "safe" way to pay? (As NEED NOT bring so many CASH) 2* Bad news for most of the business (* Easy Payment Plan for Digital camera, computer, Osim Chair....etc)
Sum up=> This is stupid idea at all!
0 mark!
Answer=> This is good for us! No question about it! Because 1M'sia, rakyat didahulukan. We love you. Muaks......I love you too......

Examination # Q1 What's GST?

(This is subjective question & full marks is 10, GST= Global Sales Tax, Suggest for 15 Min)

=> Scenario 1, If you buy a soap (Made by Palm oil)
You need to plant the plam oil then sent it to factory for manufacturing it to become soap(End product) after the harvest of Plam Oil.
Tax begin here. 1*Land to plant Palm Oil (Cukai Tanah) 2* The farmer pay taxes (Personal income tax) 3* If the Palm Oil's price rise (Windfall tax* T&C Apply)
4* Factory pay tax 5* The driver sent the Palm oil (Again...Personal Tax + Road tax(Lorry ma) + Insurance Company Tax* Have to buy lorry insurance right?+ Tolls?* + Unforseen "Abang's tolong"* As usual can be seen at major road) 6* Sell it at hypermarket (Company Tax + Cukai Pintu). Last we pay the GST + Income tax as well.
Sum up. GST is evil & can be calamity for the people.
0 mark!
Answer => GST is good for all! No question about it. 1 M'sia is good for the nation, all races & our land can be maju....

First SAD day

I really can't reckon my first 2010 post with such an SAD element on it. The day where democracy is utterly gone in our land (Perak). Speechless on this!
Maybe what can we hope(do) is the coming GE within the time of 2 yrs!
Cheers up Perak. Never too late for your reclamation!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 News 2010

While everybody busy listing their Top 10 news 09. Why not predict? Mine is below :
1. China will issue New Passport to all China citizen that while travel to Malaysia. They are NOT safety guarantee in here, just like we Malaysian travel to ISRAEL.
2. Proton Bhd change their name to Tun Mahathir Bhd (Name after thier great founder, Just like Toyota, Honda,Chrysler....etc). Of course, story behind!
3. Insurance company's share prices hike! After all the policy load for at lease 50% (Due to high crixx rate)
4. We have to use "xMalaysia" touch&go card.But pay tax Rm 200 yearly ONLY! (It's FXXKING Convenience you know?See?)
5. Toyota & Honda think of move out from Malaysia as too many car's engine got stolen (Even jet's engine can be, what's car? Boleh? Boleh!!!)
6. There will be a NEW law on "you can't wear black top while hand holding a candle."
7. Another Guinness World Record for us! WORLD'S BIGGEST PARKING AREA during CNY on major road in Malaysia (Our PX share his joy during TV Prime time, TVx-x, NTVx.......)
8. More fund on "Tarian Malaysia" as our Puan XX says many Malaysian enjoy it VERY MUCH!(While Sugar subsidiary is lessen as sugar's price will hike.....Puan XX says less sugar during this period can save $ & stay healthier too) Cheers......
9. H.s.m.d quote that Selangor Football Club is the Best Football Club in the World! Follow with his KERIS ! (If you watch Man U, Real, Liverpool...You are NOT Malaysian........according to him)
10. SCB KL International Marathon come to the last this year in our land as some politician says marathon must wear long sleeve......else ban! (Almost all participant refuse to follow! (It's SPORT! NOT politics! )

Avatar, name of a movie worth paying for

Best movie of 09? Top of my list, Avatar! what else? James Cameron is the man behind Avatar. Another "Titanic" job from him! Nice!
3D, Marine, Alien, Great storyline, Hero, Action, Dragon, Love.....What a perfect melting pot comes with such an "juicy" apple of everybody's eyes!
3D is the initial purpose of the movie.' To be honest, It's damn fxxking great while my 3D session on.
Great graphic all over the movie. Great story & Great idea too (UBS hair)
Let's buy the bloody ticket & enjoy it. Cheers.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another BOLEH from Bolehland

While busying on the visit to China for our PM. Can you see what happen here in the Bolehland?
This is something we are called "Human right"?
Our Police force is up to the standard that we always think of? (A Dream?)
A China student, Ms.Li Jun Jie who further her studies in Malaysia here, went to RedBox Karaoke for meeting her friend. End up in lockup for NO REASON! 8 days! Bloody 192 hours!
After proven Ms.Li Jun Jie is a student in day 3 for her identity, why hold her for another 5 days? This ACP Zainal Rashid should be SACKED right NOW with NO PENSION. How can this inhuman incident happen in here? Malaysia here?
She went to Chinese Embassy to lodge a complaint against Malaysia Police, the embassy official shooed her away! Bloody Hell!
This is nothing about SKIN COLOUR! Yet Boleh police continues to treat foreigners like this, soon we will lose all our tourists & students!!!
Maybe police personnel are recruited from a bunch of UPSR rejects who cannot think what is correct or wrong!
Good luck walking on the street, MAY GOD BLESS YOU if you forget your IC!

Product of the year (for women)

Since I have a post on Product of the year (for men). I have to make it for women too. I'm not sexual bias afterall!
Can dog consider a "Product"? Maybe Yes. We BUY it anyway. Just in different kind of "presentation" for me.
Why DOG is top on my 09list?
- NEVER blame you on late home & BEST of all, still waving(tail) while seeing you come home.
- NEVER lie to you! Dog bark! Idiot!
- NEVER complain on the food you cook for them! NEVER....Dog bark you know? Idiot!!!
- Dog NOT really care you make up or not. (Even there is a HUGE different BEFORE & AFTER)
- Dog BARK.......Watch the door for you(When you are stay alone)
etc..........................Happy 2009. Cheers

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Product of the year (for men)

Better Communicator

Boss complain about his staff can't get his order most of the time. He start wondering. What's the problems here?
Thinking of not done well on the delivering message. He went for a course for improving it. Done, yet the problems not much better.
He think again, ask for professional coach's advice this time. After a short discussion. Saying his staff can't remebering his order is the major issues here.
Boss ask coach: How can I improve my staff's memory? Can't just like my computer can be upgrade right?
Coach to boss: CHANGE your way of order.
Boss: How?
Coach: When you need coffee, how you say?
Boss: Gimme a coffee, fast!
Coach: No way!
Boss: Then?
Coach: Maybe start like, I heard you make the best coffee in the office. Do you think the coffee'll be slow infront of you?

Friday, December 4, 2009

BFM 89.9

BFM 89.9 The Business Station is my favourite station while I on the move. Stupid average 2 hour waste on the road(That's why I'm listening to radio) is a norm for KL M'sian thanks to lousy public transport in Bolehman, force most of us buy car (Pay high price on SAD quality Proton?) & hopeless jam on the stupid road design!
Breakfast Grille is the coolest programme as everyday'll schedule an interview of top company's CEO or MD. It can be a billion worth while listening to it. Learn from the success never a wrong bet mate!
Raise you game is another good programme as some priceless advice on management, cost saving & operational skills! Giving it for FREE on air!
If you are fan of BPL football. Can't catch the game on saturday night infront of TV? Why not listening to it? Yes, it's LIVE in the radio. At lease you know Torres is getting a hat-trick over mu while you are driving.
Try it today. Cheers

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why xbees can be "X"?

xbees, the x is a factor of infinite, unpredictable, bottomless...etc
When come to advertising, Internet can be "X" compare to the ordinary "OFF-LINE" Media.
Off-Line media = Newspaper, Mag, Advertising Board on Highway.....etc. This game is control by the "Big Boys". The entry cost is very high!!!
You just can't beat them if you are Small Enterprise or even SME! You just can't!!
When we come to the Internet world, the potential is so huge for the small player even like Enterprise. The cost is so cheap & operate 24/7 !!!
The potential of your ad can be view by GLOBALLY, Off-Line Media can't do that!
Why put your company limited money on ad on this difficult time?
You just can't continue to cut off cost! You have to glow for better earning! That's why you need ad! That's why you need xbees!

States Highest Award

This year's long list of state awards came with much fanfare, when non other then the state's highest award (SPDK) was awarded to Datuk Seri Panglima Rosmah Mansor, wife of Bolehland's PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
What in God's name did she do for Sabah? To deserve this award?
It's catastrophically insane to believe that Sabah has a shortage of aspirants for such an award!
Whose decision it was? Not convinced at all! Every Sabahan derserve to know WHY!!! Tell us!!!

1 BOLEHland

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's Over??....the Depression

12/11/09, Columbia University is the place where the 2 richest man in the world meet & talk about the current depression.
Bill Gates & Warren Buffet both forseen a positive recovery on future......V? W?
Mr.WB even increase the "bet" on his total on Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, Travelers Cos Inc, Nestle S.A(ADR), Repulic Services Inc, Well Fargo & Co, Exxon Mobil Corp.
As his favourite quote " Cash is the most lousy investment "
Meanwhile Mr.BG seeks a huge potential on energy & medical stock. CTIS maybe?
As per today, Crude Oil at USD79+- level, Gold at 1140 level, USD < 75 level.
Good luck all. Cheers